WW2 American, British, Soviet and German Rifle Squad FIREPOWER Comparison

Here we examine the squad/section/gruppe size of the US, British, Soviet and German armies in WW2 and see which could theoretically put the most firepower into the air. Then we’ll think about how this may have impacted the way the soldiers would have fought. Obviously this is just theoretical. In reality, nobody would fire all their bullets as quickly as possible, and you’d rarely find a situation where both sides just lined up perfectly to fire at each other. However, it could still offer us some insights into the way the troops fought. 🔔 Subscribe for more History content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZz8F37oSJ2rtcEJHM2kCg?sub_confirmation=1 ⏲️ Videos EVERY Monday at 5pm GMT (depending on season, check for British Summer Time). – – – – – 📚 BIBLIOGRAPHY / SOURCES 📚 Bull, S. “World War II Infantry Tactics: Squad and Platoon.” Osprey Publishing, 2004.
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