5 Days Fishing & Camping in Spain with My 3 yr Old – Catching MASSIVE CARP

Fishing for monster carp and camping along the Ebro River is one of the cheapest and entertaining adventures I have ever done with my son. We planned to go back this August but COVID happened and we had to cancel the trip. I have always loved these videos, but felt that I could have done a lot better job editing them. So I reedited this two part series from this trip in Jan 2019 and condensed it to a single video (an unlike George Lucas I didn't add a bunch of weird crap) If you want to see the fishing video I posted on the Catfish and Carp Channel check this out https://youtu.be/-dpB2NWqYw8 Check out Nick Shattock's guide service if you want to catch massive carp and/or wels catfish https://www.facebook.com/ebrocarpfishing/
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